Do you want to give your dog a bad to the bone personality or at least look the part? A Mohawk can do wonders to those dogs that want to show off their wild side. It is a simple cut that is a breeze to maintain. People will love it and all the dog park groupies will howl over how hair raising this look can be.

punk shihtzu

Your pooch will be the bark of the town with a spiked up do. I shih tzu you not.


Sometimes subtly is not in the cards for you and your pooch. If you want to be seen from down the block or even from the top of Columbia tower, then try this look out. Not all punks wear black.

Crested hawk

Some pups are just born to be a rebel. It comes so naturally they don’t even have to put in an effort. For others it takes a skilled hand to coif a perfect dog do. Bring your pup in to your groomer and let’s give them a personality to make all your two and four legged friends growl with jealousy.

ryan gosling mohawk

Even celebrities can’t resist making their dogs the woof of the walk. So show off how individual you and your dog are by getting this style defining flair. If you’re too punk rock for even this look then…