What’s new at Third + Stewart

Hello Seattle! How are you all doing? Well this is a picture of me and my cat Rose on the 4th of July. As you can tell I am getting very very pregnant! Our baby boy is due August 10th! I wanted to give everyone a heads up on clinic hours from here on out. […]

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Doodles of Fun

Doodles are a fun mix of dogs that can be very different from one individual to another. They were originally bred, in the 90’s, to be service dogs for visually impaired people who also suffered from dog allergies. Because of the nature of the mix not all of them were hypoallergenic but they created a […]

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Grooming Update- Why regular grooming is important

Why is important to keep your pet groomed regularly Not grooming your pet regularly will cause some health issues in your dog. For those dogs that require haircuts, it’s even more important to maintain regular grooming to avoid any matts causing health issues. Matting refers to densely tangled clumps of fur in your pet’s coat. […]

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Today we had the cutest little kitten come into the clinic. His name is Kage which means shadow in Japanese. We all felt very lucky to be graced by his presence! Sometimes it is difficult to tell the sex of a kitten– here is an informative picture that helps to identify the reproductive anatomy of kittens […]

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Grooming Update Spring allergies

Spring Allergies are here! We all love to take our dogs out to the grass fields to play and now with the spring season and the sunshine coming back we need to be more aware of keeping up with grooming baths to avoid any allergies such as skin itchiness that can cause skin irritations. The […]

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