Doodles are a fun mix of dogs that can be very different from one individual to another. They were originally bred, in the 90’s, to be service dogs for visually impaired people who also suffered from dog allergies. Because of the nature of the mix not all of them were hypoallergenic but they created a smart loveable dog that’s great with the whole family with a great personality and spunk.


Doodles have a wide range in what they can look or act like. Some look more like the poodle, in which they get the oodle part of their name, having curly hair and being slightly more hypoallergenic. Whereas sometimes they can look like the other part of the mix be it lab or golden. These dogs have more of a wiry coat and can shed and be less hypoallergenic.


They have also opened the door for other poodle mixes such as the maltipoo, schnoodle, and the popular cockapoo. These are fun companion animal and most are hypoallergenic.


As for the doodle haircut that is currently up for interpretation which makes it a fun dog to groom. People can come in and have their own idea on how their individual friend should look. Get a little creative with you doodle decide which attributes should be accentuated and which should be hidden behind that wavy doodle do.


Bring your dog into Third and Stewart to get your doodle groomed. Doodles are Oodles of fun.