Spring Allergies are here!

We all love to take our dogs out to the grass fields to play and now with the spring season and the sunshine coming back we need to be more aware of keeping up with grooming baths to avoid any allergies such as skin itchiness that can cause skin irritations.

The symptoms caused by a grass allergy can vary from dog to dog, but in most cases you will see extreme itchiness as a primary symptom. Your dog may lick, bite, and scratch their skin to the point of causing injury, infection, and hair loss. The areas that are most likely to be affected are your dog’s head, face, armpits, abdomen, and feet. It is not unusual to see a dog with grass allergies licking or gnawing on their paws.

Though less common, dogs suffering from grass allergies may also exhibit sneezing and red, weepy, or irritated eyes.



-Give your pet regular baths. Your groomer at Third & Steward Animal Wellness has anti-itch shampoo to calm, sooth and treat the allergies.

-If your pet has long hair, a short haircut will reduce drastically the chances of allergies and irritations due to the grass and pollen.

-Wipe your pet’s paws and belly after the walks to reduce the itching in between grooming sessions.

-If you notice the itching gets worst and your pet is showing signs of irritation contact your Vet at Third & Steward Animal Wellness to make sure we are treating the problem before it becomes a bigger one.

allergies of pollen & grass


Don’t take the fun away from your doggie! just keep your pet in regular grooming schedule and let them enjoy life without limitations! 

-Roberta L.  High Paw Love