Home Dental Care:

Dental Care is extremely important for the health of your pet. We now recommend following similar guidelines to your human dentist; daily brushing is the best prevention! We carry a wide range of dental products including toothpastes, brushes and dental chews to help keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy. Come check out dental products available at our over the counter pharmacy!

Dental Cleaning Under Anesthesia

If significant amounts of tartar are present on your pet’s teeth, the doctor might recommend a dental prophylactic procedure. This is a procedure where your pet is under anesthesia. This is necessary because animals do not allow us to fully clean their teeth or take dental x-rays without being under anesthesia. Keep in mind that most dental disease is actually located under the gum line and can only be identified by dental radiographs.


Oral Surgery:

If significant disease is present around a tooth, ie gingival recession, tooth decay, obviously loose teeth; the doctor will recommend further treatment. Options may include extraction of the tooth or referral to a dental specialist for endodontic therapy such as a root canal.

Dental Examination

The dental assessment appointment is a very important time to clarify treatment options and costs with the veterinarian.

Please make an appointment for a no obligation wellness exam and dental consultation. The following services are included in the dental cleaning package

  • IV catheter and Anesthetic monitoring
  • Ultra Sonic dental cleaning
  • Dental Radiographs
  • Doctor exam and dental chart
  • Dental Polish

We recommend blood work before an anesthetic procedure to ensure your pet is healthy to undergo anesthesia, this is highly recommend for all pets aged 8 years and older. Cost is $65.00 and can be performed on the day of dental procedure if requested.

Keep in mind that dental radiographs often identify teeth that may need further care outside of a simple dental cleaning. Often it is difficult to provide an accurate assessment of further dental needs until after dental radiographs have been performed. You will be provided an estimate for additional services such as tooth extraction before proceeding with any extensive dental work. If tooth extraction is required, it is usually charged by the time it takes the veterinarian to perform any necessary extractions. We want to ensure that all clients are presented with an estimate and are clear with charges before proceeding!

To help clarify some of the issues surrounding pet dental care: here is a link to a great article.

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