Here at Third & Stewart Animal Wellness we believe that proper grooming is essential for maintaining optimal health and fitness. Numerous medical problems are identified with routine grooming, and proper grooming and skin care can in turn treat numerous dermatologic and parasitic skin conditions. Beauty = Health, thus the idea of founding Seattle’s first animal medi-spa at Third & Stewart Animal Wellness.
Our experienced groomers are skilled in the latest styles and are familiar with breed standards. Learn more about our groomer here

Grooming Services we offer:


  • Bath & Brush (includes nail trim, anal glands & ears cleaned)
  • Full Grooming (haircut & long hair baths) (includes nail trim, anal glands & ears cleaned)
  • Extras
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated bath (flea treatment, RX shampoo) typically included


  • Lion Cut: (Includes nail trim and ear cleaning) $110
  • Dematt: (Includes nail trim and ear cleaning) Starting at $110, sedation for patient comfort may be required on a case by case basis. Current veterinary exam is required for any sedated procedure

All Species

Nail Trim special: $15-$22
(subject to pet temperament)