Dr. Mona Radheshwar is a Class I and II nationally accredited veterinarian with USDA APHIS. She is authorized to issue both domestic and international health certificates on all veterinary species.

Medications for Travel:
If you are concerned that your pet might experience motion sickness or anxiety related to travel, please schedule an appointment to discuss safe medications that can make the journey a little easier.

Travel to Canada (Signed Rabies Certificate)
Travel to Canada via car will require a current rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian. If flying to Canada please contact your airline for requirements.

Inter-state Health Certificate for plane travel + Exam ($72)
There is great variability between the airlines on their requirements for pet travel. Dr. Radheshwar recommends calling your airline for their requirement at least a few weeks before travel. An inter-state travel certificate can be issued at our clinic up to one day before travel if required.

International/Hawaii Health Certificates + Exam 
Depending on the country, traveling internationally with your pet can be an easy process, or a very stressful one! Travel to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii typically require the most work and extensive laboratory testing, which can be completed at our clinic. Dr. Radheshwar recommends starting the process 3-6 months before travel. It is often a very long and tedious process full of paperwork and requirements that will require a lot of time on both the pet owner’s part as well as the veterinarian to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly.

It can be a daunting procedure but Dr. Radheshwar is here to help guide you. Please take a minute to inform yourself about country specific export requirements.


We regret to inform our clients that as of April 1, 2018 we will no longer be offering International Health Certificates for USDA endorsement. Mexico and Hawaii will be available on a case by case basis. 

Disclaimer Third + Stewart Animal Wellness will not be held liable for any travel disturbances involving international health certificates.  It is the full and timely responsibility of the pet owner to make sure their pet has met the requirements of the destination country.