Hello Seattle! How are you all doing? Well this is a picture of me and my cat Rose on the 4th of July. As you can tell I am getting very very pregnant! Our baby boy is due August 10th! I wanted to give everyone a heads up on clinic hours from here on out. I plan to work full time (M-Sat) through the end of August, then cut back to about 4 hours per day (12pm- 4pm) until it’s go time! So we might not be able to handle severe medical emergencies for a while – but fear not there are many capable veterinarians in the city that can fill in. After the baby comes we will still keep office hours (although limited) to schedule both grooming and veterinary appointments. I will have some of my veterinary colleges take appointments a few days a week – I will also be available via email during this time! I am very interested in the prospects of tele-medicine — ie seeing patient over live video, so we could also consider this on a case by case basis. Coral (veterinary assistant) and Eric (Groomer) will be holding down the clinic while I lay low for a few weeks in August, then we will be back at it full force come September.

This Friday 7/14 hours are 10-2 (available via email for scheduling)
This Saturday 7/15 — closed (available via email for scheduling)

(my staff wanted the day off and I figured me and the baby could use a break as well)

I will keep you updated on all happenings at the clinic in regards to scheduling, clinic, grooming and pharmacy hours. Thanks for understanding!!

Mona Radheshwar, DVM
Third + Stewart Animal Wellness